Kodi is a free and open source (GPL) software media center for playing videos, music, pictures, games, and more. Kodi runs on Linux, OS X, Windows, iOS, and Android.  Most people think they are buying kodi box, and this  is  far from the truth.   The Idroidnation I-Box  is a android based computer for your television, similiar to a apple tv, roku, and amazon firestick, only 100% unrestricted.  Kodi is simply a media player like  youtube, vlc, plex, and and number of others on the market.  Most people think of Kodi as some sort  of Free PPV, Movies, and TV shows, and that can be somewhat true.  Since it is  open source, their are add ons/plugins that are available both endorsed and  non endorsed  from official kodi that offer Free content ranging from movies, tv, sports, and more.

The Idroidnation I-Box™  comes with the official Kodi, no  special  add  ons  for a few reasons.  Number one, it is legal, and we are here to stay, and now offer a lifetime warranty on our newest box, the I-Box™ II.  No  other  manufacturer has  a warranty like this.  We will not get shut down like the illegal company selling a so called pre loaded or fully loaded kodi box that will get you movies free.

Fully Loaded sellers are making illegal sales and the authorities are clearing them out. They are selling Android TV boxes that the seller says “Plug and Play”, what they have done is installed Kodi and made a very basic build that in 9 out of 10 cases will consume over 80% of your hard drive space. What do you think will happen to your warranty if the seller just disappears or reinvents themselves?

Add ons do work, even the  ones on the  fully loaded  box, but their is a revolving door of new  add ons coming  out, old ones going  down, old ones  needing updates, so your  fully loaded  box that is filled  to  capacity in memory, will now  no longer work sometimes the day you get it, and if your lucky a few weeks.  If you are a user or interested in using Kodi, please see the resources below.

Idroidnation™ wants buyers to know  truth about  kodi and add ons, and the  fact that their is no such thing as a kodi box, Kodi is a media player.  We have  no  affiliation with kodi or any add on.  while we  do  not  promote nor  endorse piracy, their are a lot of good add ons for streaming.  Kodi is amazing software and one of the best media  players  out.  Due to the nature of the content, Idroidnation™ will not  help individuals stream pirated content, even though it  is doable.  After you buy a Toshiba computer, you  would  not go  and call Toshiba  and  ask them how to watch pirated  content or ask if they sell  fully loaded laptops.  Android TV Boxes such as the Idroidnation I-Box™ are computers for your TV.