First Time I-Box Info


When you first get your I-Box


1.  First you will want to connect your I-Box to your tv via the supplied HDMI cord, and also plug in the power adaptor to an outlet and the back of the I-Box.  This will boot up the I-Box II, you will see the blue light turn on around the edge's of the box.  First initial boot-up will take several minutes.  Once complete and you see the home screen below, allow a few more minutes to go by as several initial applications are running in the background.

2.  You will want to insert 2 AAA batteries into the supplied remote control.  If you decided to purchase the idroidnation air mouse as well, you will need to insert 2 AAA batteries into it as well, and then plug the supplied usb dongle (air mouse only) into one of the USB ports on the I-Box II.

3.  The standard remote is pretty simple, up/down/right/left, ok, back buttons, etc.  The mouse button the remote turns the remote into mouse mode a cursor will appear on the screen.  You can use the directional pad to move it around.  The air mouse gives you alot more function, if you hit the red arrow on the air mouse, it puts it into cursor mode where you can move the air mouse around in the air to control the cursor on the screen making navigation a breeze.  You can also flip it over for a full keypad making typing incredibly easy.  Please note, you can also attach a usb/bluetooth keyboard and mouse if you prefer to navigate this way.  It all comes down to personal preference.

4.  Tapping the power button on the supplied remote or air mouse will put the I-box II into stand by mode and the blue led light will turn red.

5.  Holding the power button on either remote will bring up the option to power off the I-Box II.  Please note, to turn it back on, you must use the standard remote that came with the I-Box II, the air mouse will not power it on.  The I-Box II uses very little power when not in use, similar to a cable box, you are not required to shut it down, it is recommended to give it a restart periodically.

6.  On the Home screen, navigate over to settings.  Click on network, and connect either by wifi or ethernet.  For ethernet, which is recommended, all you need to do is attach the ethernet cable to back of the I-Box II. (If using the I-Box for streaming, ethernet connection is 10000000 times better than wifi)

These are the basic instructions, start exploring, visit the playstore, download your favorite apps, games, or music.