What Internet speeds are recommended?

SD recommended 5Mbps
HD and live tv recommended 10Mbps

Why am I not getting the speeds advertised by my Internet Service Provider?

It is recommended to use a wired connection or be close to the router, streaming takes a lot bandwidth over wifi and speeds diminish the further you get from the router

Reset your router (unplug for 60 secs)  (Routers are computers themselves and need to reset)

Place your box closer to the router

Contact your internet company and ask why you are not getting the speeds you are paying for


My I-Box is frozen or unresponsive at times?

If something is not working correctly on your box and you have tried troubleshooting it, try a factory reset.  Instructions for a factory reset are located here I-Box Factory Reset


Where can I use the I-Box

You can use the I-Box anywhere with a internet connection.