The I-Box II ™ is the ultimate alternate to cable TV! You can watch almost every television show, movie, and documentary ever made… Seriously! Whether you’re in the mood to catch up on your favorite cable TV show or watch the latest movie release, Idroidnation delivers.

4K Resolution – 8 Core Processor

4K resolution, compared to the old “full HD” or 1080p standard, 4K offers twice the linear resolution, or four times as many pixels at 2160p. A single 4K film frame contains about 8 megapixels.  The I-Box II ™ features a Amlogic S912 64 bit processor, say goodbye to “buffering” unlike the outdated dual and quad core competitors.

Sports Fans

Never miss a sporting event because your cable is not broadcasting it. I-Box II ™ lets you watch any sports game, match, or race.

ALL of this with a 30 day return policy and Lifetime warranty. Get Your I-Box II ™ for only $99.99 Limited time offer!